Staying Fit As A Family

007 Staying FitOne of the things that is lacking in most families is activities that could make the members stay fit and healthy. One of the reasons is time. Most parents especially those busy parents don’t have much time to do some other extracurricular activities where they can bond together to become active with things that could keep them stay fit. There are actually several ways where families could spare some time and where they could do some activities to help them stay fit and healthy. Here are some of my suggestions that are possible even to those very busy parents.


Go For Family Picnic With Healthy Foods

One of the best ways to bond with your family is to go for family picnics. But the main factor here is the food that you will bring to your picnic. Most of the time, families would bring food that they normally eat and those food that are easy to prepare, but try to make some change this time. Why don’t you make your picnic more special by simply bringing healthy food like more fruits, special healthy recipes, try to make some twist in the dish of your children by making it healthier, like for example, if you kids love to eat pasta, try to make its more healthy by adding some healthy ingredients such as vegetables and herbs. By this, you won’t have to worry that your family is eating unhealthy food since you know what you had prepared for them. You can include the recipes that you want to bring as you plan your picnic. Your children will be eating more during your picnic because they will be tired in playing around the area. You can also prepare some healthy drinks like preparing fresh fruits juice.


Go For Family Outings

Another thing in sating fit and healthy as a family is to go for outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing, beach, camping, backpacking, swimming, kayaking, and many more. Outdoor activities are really good for physical aspect since it helps in strengthening your muscles, joints, and also increase strength level. Here you can teach your children about survival tips, walking, climbing, and even swimming. Exposing your children to physical activities will help them to stay fit and healthy since they are burning that bad cholesterol that is stored in their bodies. They will also become more active as they do this more frequently. You can actually set one day in a week like weekends where you can do your family outing together.


Play Together

Another less expensive and more fun things to do to stay fit and healthy is to play family games. Playing as a family will not only strengthen your family physically but also it will strengthen your bond or relationships towards each other. You can either play those classic games or you can play video games like Wii. Wii is a good type of video games because it involves your whole body as you play the game. But those classic games are also effective like hide and seek wrestling, tag and chase, and other games that require physical movement. Parents could think of a new game each week so that their children won’t get bored playing the same game over and over again. There are actually lots of family games that you can search online.

Aside from those three above, some additional tips in staying fit and healthy is also by learning how to play instruments and also learning music. Music is a good therapy in relieving stress. It will also give you a good feeling every time you accomplish something.

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